Front Range Bank is a relationship-based financial services organization specializing in private banking and private wealth management.


They saw middle-market companies and their executives ignored by other financial institutions. National banks were increasing their focus on larger corporations and retail customers, leaving an under served segment in between. FRB sought to fill that gap.


To attract the right talent, as well as clients, FRB engaged Canopy Advisory Group’s Liesa Taylor to develop a strategic HR plan and assist with recruiting, and Kecia Carroll to develop a cohesive marketing plan and brand strategy. As FRB continued to expand its comprehensive financial services offering, Canopy advisor Julie Hoopes was added to the team for additional project management support. FRB’s vision was to bring together the best business and private banking professionals to serve clients in an exceptional way. Today, FRB has turned vision into reality, serving as trusted advisors to individuals, families and businesses valuing a truly personalized financial service experience.

Our professionals are your professionals