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  • Financial Systems Implementation and Migration
  • Operations Management
  • Professional Private Fiduciary Services

Lucas M.

Strategy & Finance


Graduate School of Business at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia - MBA Accounting
Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO - BS Finance & Information Systems


After beginning his career as a consultant with KPMG in Denver and San Diego, Lucas began serving small, emerging businesses as a finance manager and financial systems expert. He has played a key role in growing multiple companies from the proof of concept stage into national brands with tens of millions of dollars in revenue. Lucas believes that in order to provide C-level advisory services, one must understand the client's finances at the transnational level and thus is often involved with financial systems implementation and integrations. Lucas particularly enjoys working with manufacturing businesses in the food & beverage segment and maintains a specialization in manufacturing accounting. In addition to his financial management capabilities, Lucas is also an expert in different areas of capital fundraising, including investment crowdfunding and has raised millions of dollars for his clients.