What are some of the amenities of the office space?
  1. 3 desk carols and an 8 seat community table are available for working anytime
  2. On a sign-up basis, a larger 12 person conference room is available for meetings
  3. Polycom telephones at desk carols and conference call phone base at community table for land line client calls
  4. HP printer / scanner / copy / fax machine
  5. High speed wi-fi access
  6. Standard office supplies (scissors, stapler, 3 hole punch, tape, pens etc)
  7. Nespresso cappuccino and coffee machine
  8. Hot tea
  9. Seasonal snacks
  10. Bottled water and assorted LaCroix beverages
As an EDGE member, how often can I use the Canopy office space?

The office space is open and available for you to use 24/7. There is an access code to enter the building’s front door, which we will provide to you once you enroll.

What is Ohos and what type of feedback will it give me?

Ohos is a performance feedback platform that will help you identify areas where you excel and areas where you can continue to further your professional development.

We will seek feedback from our clients on your performance monthly and provide you with reports tracking your skills in areas like subject matter expertise, strategic thinking, and time management.

Ohos will give you full visibility into accurate, real-time data on your performance.


What information will I be able to access on the EDGE portal?

Once you are an EDGE member, you will be able to create a unique login to access the Canopy EDGE portal.  In the portal you will have access to the following:

  • A list of Canopy's consultant with their practice group areas and contact information
  • Canopy's calendar, including event dates and sign up for the larger conference room
  • Canopy's Handbook
  • ICA and client contracts
  • Ohos feedback reports
  • Sample proposals and deliverables
  • Information about and materials for upcoming and past professional development and Lunch + Learn meetings
  • A list of on-boarding groups, and
  • News, including past Canopy newsletters, Stay Connected letters and more
Will I have access to contact information for the other EDGE members so that we can connect outside the office?

Absolutely, once you are enrolled as an EDGE member, you will be able to login to the EDGE portal and see a list of all current EDGE members, their practice group areas and their contact information.

Will I be automatically re-enrolled for the EDGE membership?

Yes, you will be billed every year on your enrollment date for your EDGE membership.  If you choose to discontinue your EDGE membership in an upcoming year, you simply login to your EDGE portal and click the dropdown menu for Account Settings -> Cancel EDGE Subscription.

Can I still be a part of EDGE if I can’t pay the membership fee?

Yes, if you would like to be a part of Canopy EDGE, but circumstances do not allow you to pay the annual membership fee, you may also earn membership by referring a new $5,000+ engagement to us to be executed by one of your fellow Canopy consultants.

If you refer a client to Canopy that hires one of our consultants for a project valued at $5,000 or more, your membership into EDGE is complimentary for the year in which the project occurs (or the following year, if you have already paid for the current year).

Do I have to sign up for EDGE to stay in Canopy?

No, you can choose to remain on Canopy’s current “standard” plan, which still provides you with access to our same high-quality business development opportunities and back office support at no cost to you.  If you do not sign up, you will remain part of our excellent pool of talent, and will continue to hear from us only as specific opportunities arise for you.

Do you expect the cost to increase above $1,000 a year in the future?

Yes, the $1,000 a year we are currently offering is an introductory special.  The actual cost of the office space and the additional EDGE benefits is greater than this and will require us to charge more for the annual membership down the road.

Depending on how much the office space is utilized by certain EDGE members, we may also create additional levels of membership, allowing those that pay more to utilize the space more and/or gain additional benefits.

How competitive is the EDGE pricing?

We feel that the introductory rate of $1,000 / year is very reasonable.  In fact, many people have told us that we should be charging much more for the EDGE benefits.  Our goal, however, is to first make the cost palatable to our consulting base in order to gauge the level of engagement and then reconsider whether the price should be increased.

Many other co-working spaces in Denver charge between $500 - $1,000 per month to have 24/7 access to their office spaces -- and these companies do not also provide networking and professional development events.

What if I move or take a full-time job and can no longer be a part of EDGE, will you refund me for the remainder of the year?

No, unfortunately, we can not refund a pro-rata portion of the membership dues if circumstances arise that change your plans for EDGE membership.