Our consultants are life-long learners. Here are a few of the books that we are reaching for on our nightstands. Have a favorite book to add? Email us.

Startupland: Madness, Brilliance and PR Misadventures

Written by Canopy Team member, Polly Traylor and Kevin Wolf

ChangeSeekers: Finding your Path to Impact

Written by Canopy Team member, Joanne Sonenshine


Recommended by Canopy Advisor Kristina Chirico

Happiness & Health

Recommended by Canopy Advisor, Kristina Chirico

Unfinished Business

Recommended by Griffen O’Shaughnessy “An insightful look at the family – career dynamic.”

Daring Greatly

Recommended by Sage Hospitality CEO Walter Isenberg, “It truly transformed the way I think about leadership.”


Recommended by Brooke, “After hearing passionate Karrikans Group CEO Peter Sheahan speak, it is obvious that you can still build a company that matters.”

the 15 commitments of conscious leadership

Recommended by Whitney Walpole: “A great book for somatic coaching, especially the chapters about ‘feeling all the feelings’ and ‘zone of genius.'”

B Corp Handbook

Recommended by Brooke Borgen: “A good tool for understanding the B Corp designation.”

mindful parenting

Recommended by Ann Erb: “What makes this book stand out among the rest is that the strategies and techniques are supported by brain science research.”

The boys in the boat

Recommended by Brooke Borgen: “A hard book to put down, the characters in this novel embody drive.”

Brain Maker

Recommended by Merc Pittinos: “Very informative and practical reading.”

orbiting the giant hairball

Recommended by MC Pittinos: “A funny look at the intersection of creativity and the bottom line in the business world.”

The paying guests

Recommended by MC Pittinos: “NPR says it best: ‘Forget about Fifty Shades of Grey; this novel is one of the most sensual you will ever read, and all without sacrificing either good taste or a “G” rating’

The opposite of spoiled

Recommended by Griffen O’Shaughnessy: “Helpful insight on how to raise financially wise kids.”

The life-changing magic

Recommended by Jon Borgen after inspiration from a Wall Street Journal article describing how to hold on to things that make you happy and discard the rest.

Beautiful Oops!

Recommended by Dillon O’Shaughnessy: “How do you take a mistake and turn it into an opportunity?”

The Mystery of Capital

Recommended by Ryan O’Shaughnessy: “This book forces you to consider the power that can be unleashed from all the potential in impoverished nations if only systems were in place.”

The Big Enough Company

Recommended by Brooke Borgen: “A ‘how to’ on building the business that works for you.”

Attracting Perfect Customers

Recommended by Polly Breit

What do you do with an idea?

Recommended by Griffen O’Shaughnessy: “An inspiring read for young entrepreneurs.”

10 Mindful Minutes

Recommended by Kerry Stutzman: “The ultimate struggle … being present.”

Animals Rock!

Written by a friend of Canopy: “A fun and interesting family adventure and a great way to learn about Colorado’s geological history.”

It’s What I do

Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow recommends this memoir written by her friend who strives to open all of our eyes to the realities of war.

Moneyball for Government

Recommended by Roxane White: “If there is one book that you read to understand how government operates, this is it!”

Carry On Warror

Recommended by Jen Asbury: “This book is a reminder that work shouldn’t be a mindless pursuit, but a meaningful endeavor.”

The Impact Investor

Recommended by Griffen O’Shaughnessy: “How to transform your [-100%] return on your donation into a 5% return with the same positive social impact.”