• Independent Consultants in Denver & Seattle

    Independent Consultants in Denver & Seattle

    Canopy Advisory Group is an innovative approach to consulting: we take highly qualified and big firm trained professionals and connect them with businesses and non-profits. Through our alternative model, clients gain access to top-tier independent professionals and consultants have the flexibility to do what they love both at work and home.

    Since 2010, Canopy’s talented non-profit and business consultants, all exceptional in their fields, have worked with hundreds of clients to get critical work done.

  • Canopy Press

    Canopy was featured across national news outlets as a leader in the growing trend around independent consulting. Its founders observed that companies needed a way to access independent workers — while friends and colleagues were telling them they wanted to find ways to balance their work and personal lives. “More and more people want to have ownership over their career, “ Canopy founder, Griffen O’Shaughnessy says, and statistics show companies across all industries and at various stages of growth are finding tremendous success and cost savings through the use of short term, high-level talent pools, such as you’ll find at Canopy.

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  • Our Clients Benefit

    Whether you’re a business looking for an outsourced CFO, a startup lawyer, or a public relations consultant – or a nonprofit seeking an interim executive director, a fundraising consultant, or a grant writing consultant, Canopy has the right fit for your needs.

    • Access to business consultants without the high cost of FTEs
    • Targeted & temporary interim management
    • The ability to expand & contract your team as needed
    • Spend less valuable time on recruiting & onboarding
    • Less paperwork (invoicing, payment, tax forms)
    • Top talent without the long vetting process
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  • Our Consultants Benefit

    Canopy offers personalized service based on who you are and how you define success. We empower you to:

    • Find the work-life balance in which you thrive
    • Enjoy a variety of challenges, sectors and projects
    • Learn from Canopy mentors and networks
    • Focus on projects, not sales
    • Own your time while making an impact
    • Access a much broader network of potential clients
    • Work with a team of high caliber colleagues
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  • Independent Consultants in Denver & Seattle

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In 2009, Canopy Advisory Group was born from the need for its founders to find more balance between their professional and personal lives. As a result, Canopy curated a handpicked, well-vetted selection of consultants who were leaders in their respective fields. At Canopy, we understand that on demand talent represents the future, and is the most cost-effective way to grow an organization.

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