About Canopy Advisory

Canopy Advisory Group connects businesses and nonprofits with top talent to assist their teams on a short-term basis. In the fall of 2009, our founders Brooke Borgen and Griffen O’Shaughnessy saw a need in Denver’s corporate and nonprofit world for greater access to project-based professionals. In an economic environment where continuously adding full-time employees to accomplish a company’s short and long-term goals is not always feasible, bringing on independent consultants is a win-win for both parties. Read More >

Industry Trends

How The Startup Economy is Creating $1 Billion Freelance Paychecks: Forbes Magazine: What do stubbornly high unemployment numbers, booming startup communities and the new “task-based” economy have in common? They’re all part of the collision of trends that have made freelancers the kings and queens of the new workforce. According to new research from freelance marketplace Elance.com, 2012 was a record-breaking year for the part-time or project-based workforce... Read More >

Client in Focus

Front Range Bank is a relationship-based financial services organization specializing in private banking and private wealth management. They saw middle-market companies and their executives ignored by other financial institutions. National banks were increasing their focus on larger corporations and retail customers, leaving an underserved segment in between. FRB sought out to fill that gap. To attract the right talent, as well as clients, FRB engaged Canopy Advisory Group’s Liesa Taylor... Read More >

Advisor in Focus

ABBY HAGSTROM  is an accomplished communications professional with a decade of experience in PR, corporate communications and event planning. Her career has been divided between both corporations and agencies in industries ranging from food & beverage to enterprise technology. Prior to becoming an independent consultant,  Abby managed communications initiatives for T3Media, a Denver-based video management and licensing services provider. At T3Media she directed all of the company’s media and analyst relations...    Read More > 


SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Being Strategic About Community Investment

It goes by many names:  corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate citizenship, community relations to name a few.  The intent is the same. It’s about a company’s responsibility to invest in the communities in which it serves; about addressing social and environmental challenges while driving economic growth.  Put another way, it means not just caring about the bottom line, but what you can do with the bottom line. 
It’s about having an impact.  Read More >